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CMG s.r.l is a dynamic Company that commercialize Medical Products since 1995, constantly in search of innovative and high quality products, to satisfy our Customers demands. The accurate choice of reputed Partners Leaders in the Medical World commits us to give the highest level of service to our Clients. Our warehouse of 2.000sq.m is coordinated by high level qualified personnel, which is constantly in contact with our Customer Division, this allows an accurate and prompt cooperation in deliveries and stock.

Our Main Customers are:

  • Private Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Sport Centers
  • Pharmacy

We thank them for the devotion and trust they gave us during those years ,this helps us to grow and continue our improvement to satisfy their needs. This year, we are proud to have obtained a new goal with the introduction in our of a new line, the Veterinary, choosing the Best also for the Animal World, with a wide range of articles from the Medication to Nutritional. For years now, our primary goal is to satisfy our Clients needs, proud of this , we will continue for years to come ,being every day at disposal and in continuous search of new Technologies and Commercial offers, able to assure the best to you from the Medical World.

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Company: CMG s.r.l.